Arabic Sweet Plate
A mouthful wide range of the most delicious oriental and arabic traditional sweets and delicacies.
Al Hallab Specials
Traditional Arabic and Lebanese sweets with Al-Hallab’s special twist. Our signature sweets are made to satisfy your sweet tooth
Freshly baked croissants in different flavors. Indulge in our signature Kunafah au Chocolat Croissant and experience a taste like never before!
Tasty savory pastries made from fresh dough, comes in different shapes and fillings too! Enjoy a famous traditional Lebanese fatayer with our Lahm Baajin Traboulsieh from Al Hallab.
Ramadan Sweets
A collection of traditional Ramadan desserts and sweets for a post-Iftar treat during the holy month of Ramadan
Cocktail & Ice cream Station
Natural and tasty fruit cocktails along with your favorite ice-cream flavors, tailored to suit your taste
Fresh & Healthy Juices
Fruity and refreshing natural juices to start your day! Boost your energy with our signature healthy smoothies and enjoy so many flavor combinations.
Shake & Frappe
Blending the most delicious ingredients to give you the tastiest shakes and frappuccinos
Coffee & Beverages
From warm and hot coffee options to cold beverages and drinks
Gift Collection
The essence and origin of Baklava and ِArabic sweets gathered to give you a luxurious gift box that suits any special occasion!
Our ice creams are purely made from high-quality fruits, berries, nuts, and chocolate - all then mixed together to create unique and luscious Arabic and Italian flavors that awaken your senses.
We offer a wide variety of freshly baked goods; cheesecake slices, chocolate éclairs, strawberry tart, mille- feuille, fruit tart, tart chocolate praline, red velvet, sable bruton, tea bavarois and many other irresistible flavors .